Auspicious Wedding Dates for 2011

喜喜For the Chinese there are auspicious days within a year for weddings. Choosing the right date for a couple, one needs to take into account the Chinese Zodiac signs for both bride and groom.

Choosing the right date will mean good luck for the couple and their respective families. Below are the auspicious dates for 2011, the Lunar year of the rabbit.


This list is provided here only as a guide. You will need to seek an expert to find the correct date for you and your partner.

Remember when determining your correct Chinese Zodiac sign, you need to know the official start of Spring (立春) for that year (start of Tiger month); this can be different every year. Most Chinese Zodiac websites only specify the Lunar New Year day (around January or February in the Georgian calendar) but they do not take into account the first day of Spring. Doing so will determine the Chinese Zodiac sign for your birthday rather than birth year.

Source: Zodiac Signs

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