Review: The Glif for iPhone 4

The Glif was a Kickstarter project by Tom Gerhardt and Dan Provost who had hoped to raise USD10,000.00 to develop a tripod mount for the iPhone 4.

In the end of the fund raising he ended up receiving 5,273 backers and raised USD137,417.00 for the project. I am happy to say that I’m one of those backers with USD20.00 + USD8.00 (international shipping to Hong Kong) contribution.

After months of development my Glif came just in time for Christmas. It is made from injection molded rubber with a copper 1/4″-20 thread insert for attaching to any standard tripod head. Aside from using it as a tripod mount you can also use it stand-alone as a portable stand. It can be use in landscape orientation for movie or web page viewing.

It can also be use in portrait orientation, which is perfect for FaceTime or alike video conferencing.

The Glif is very light and can easily fit into a pocket or purse, making it readily available anywhere and anytime a stand is needed.

Anyone can now purchase it directly from The Glif web site for USD20.00 each.

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