Apple UK Confirms iOS 4.1 for Sep. 8th

When Apple’s Steve Jobs at their annual musical event last Wednesday announces that iOS 4.1 will be available “next week” we all knew it will be some time end of the week as Apple always does. To our surprise Apple UK over the weekend updated their iOS 4.1 Software Update page to say that the update is available on September 8th (presumably US time). Exactly 1 week from when Jobs announced it.

Apple UK has since revised their web page to read “Coming Soon” like all the other Apple web sites.

Personally I am eager to receive the 4.1 upgrade. Due to the promised fix for the proximity sensor on the iPhone 4. As for new feature I am eager to receive the HDR capability in the iPhone Camera app without having to buy one of the 3rd party apps to do the same thing.

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