Farmville Sending Users Away from Facebook

Today I noticed the above message when trying to load the Farmville application within Facebook.

Several weeks back the creator of Farmville, Zynga launched At first I was surprised to see Zynga makes such a move; as if it is biting off the hand that feeds it. Then I looked at the reported 11 million users that plays Farmville every day, I realize Farmville is actually growing up and venturing off away from home.

There is a rumor that Zynga is converting all its titles to HTML5 so they can be played on the iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices and platforms without depending on Flash. So creating may be its first step in this transformation.

As I am a proponent of W3C Standards technologies, therefore I welcome Zynga’s move to HTML5 if it is indeed true. If it is, then this is yet another example of how Apple’s iPad pushes the adoption of HTML5 forwards, and that is a good thing.

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