Old Business Model Gives Way to eReaders

Will the pending explotion of eReaders from famous (Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, DELL, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Microsoft, Sony, etc.) and not so famous (Camangi, Electrovaya, Freescale Semiconductor, Fusion Garage, OpenPeak, etc.) manufactures, finally causes newsstands like Bookazine to go out of business?

In the near future devices capable of consuming “printed” content in an interactive and multimedia manner will be pervasive. An average reader will have one or more of these devices with him at all times. Most importantly this “printed” content will be purchased directly online and on-demand rather than from physical brick-and-mortar retail stores.

Traditional “printed” content: magazine and books, will only be found in libraries and museums like video cassette taps, vinyl records and microfiche.

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