Review: Hong Kong Weather on iPhone

HK Weather - LogoI had always praised the talents of Hong Kong iPhone development community. The iPhone application, Hong Kong Weather, from Conceptable is no exception.

HK Weather - Home ScreenYou may say, don’t we already have enough weather application for the iPhone. Just going to the Weather section in the iTunes App Store you will find 20 pages of applications in the section. Plus what’s wrong with the default Weather application that came with the iPhone OS? Nothing really, if you live in North America.

The information in the default Weather application comes from and is not that accurate when dealing with cities outside of North America. The advantage of the default Weather application is its ability to set up weather information for multiple cities, which is great for the frequent travelers. But for those who do not travel as much and live in Hong Kong for an extended period, the default Weather application is fairly basic and borderline useless.

HK Weather - Weather WarningThese are the exact target audience the Hong Kong Weather iPhone application aimed for.

The functionalities of the application are simple, and they are mere repurpose of information and charts from the Hong Kong Observatory. The application is very beautifully executed, presenting each piece of information from the HKO web site cleanly and logically. One can tell from the execution, the developer had paid attention to every details, so to deliver the best possible UX to the end-user. It even have the ability to switch between English and Traditional Chinese information.

Given that it is a just the repurpose of existing free information provided by the government of Hong Kong, this application is definitely worth more than the USD0.00 the developer is asking for.

If you live in Hong Kong, will be visiting Hong Kong as a business or personal traveler, then this application is a must download from the iTunes App Store. Especially with the up coming Storm season approaching.

HK Weather - 5 Days ForecastHK Weather - Detailed WeatherHK Weather - Settings

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