iPhones on Two Different 3G Networks Compared

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Smartone-Vodafone logoToday a reader, Stephen C., sent me a video of a test he and his friend conducted (“un-scientifically) with two iPhone 3GS’s connected to two different 3G networks on two (3 HK and Smartone-Vodafone) of six mobile carriers in Hong Kong.

The result are a bit surprising, especially for customers of Smartone-Vodafone. The video had been sent to Smartone-Vodafone Customer Service and hopefully we will receive an official respond.


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  1. Thanks for the comparison, I was about to change from Peoples 2G to Smartone 3G, but now I think I better wait.Actually which websites did you compare? I couldn't read the URLs in the video.

  2. The comparison was done by a reader. For overseas sites: Engadget and New York Times were used. For local Hong Kong sites: Smartone-Vodafone and Cathay Pacific Airways were used.

  3. Smartone-Vodafone called me to tell me that they are currently investigating this with their technical back end staff. They say they should get back to me in a few days.

  4. Yes, Smartone-Vodafone had contacted me directly. I have sent them the setting of results I have from my independent tests using SpeedTest.I only just return to Hong Kong so, I have yet to speak to SMV in person or on the phone. I expect to do so tomorrow though.

  5. I received a call from SMV late last week and they said they are still looking into this for me. They asked me questions about whether both phones were on same firmware, jailbroken etc. They said they may want to come to my office in Tai Koo Shing to check it out – but honestly I don't want them to bother with this as I don't think it will result in anything.Incidentally, although I haven't done another direct comparison, it seems that my browsing performance on SMV has improved in the last week. Anyone else experienced the same?

  6. I had provided SMV the test results from SpeedTest on the iPhone for the months of June, July and August; including Geo-coordinates, time, dates, downlink, uplink and latency for each test. This was when I was still in Seoul. I had asked them to respond to those results and discuss the details on my return to HK.So far I had not heard back from them.

  7. I received a note from SMV today. It said that their “Engineering team is investigating the data…” I had provided them from SpeedTest iPhone application.They will be contacting me directly when they have finished their investigations.This is the type of customer service ones should expect from any service oriented companies. Many other companies would have state that the company did not have the same results as we had and simply dismissed our findings as invalid.For this I compliment Smartone-Vodafone for their continue desire to deliver the best possible service to its customers.

  8. is there a good “internet test” website? I've used 3 different sites to test smartone's hspda speed on my htc hero and i'm getting 0.5Mbps to 3+Mbps depending on the website. I do notice that webpage loading seems slower on my hero compared to my friend's iphone on 3.I got the 3+Mbps at HK Int'l airport.

  9. A consistent web site to test is a local (HK) web site that neither belongs to 3 HK or Smartone-Vodafone. Something that reasonable amount of graphics, Javascript and HTML. For that I would suggest CathayPacific.comKen, how are you determining the downlink speed? I presume you are referring to the downlink speed.

  10. Well I got a call from Smartone-Vodafone today and they explained to me that at the time of testing, there was maintenance going on with their network at Cityplaza where the test was performed. I was a little sceptical of this response, but I did go and test with my colleague again and it seems that the speed of our phones is now Smartone better or similar to his 3HK phone.I do feel that browsing in other areas of HK has improved so I hope this means that with the influx of people using their unlimited data plans, they have upgraded their internet browsing network. For the moment, I am happy with the network performance.

  11. Yes, I had been speaking to Smartone-Vodafone's Lam Pink, the past several days. He also told me that their technical team claims that “network maintenances” were being performed at each of the locations and at the times I was doing my test.I had express my concerns with this explanation from their technical teams. As you had said, performing maintenance at one location may be believed but al 3 different locations at many different days and time is very hard to believe. Unless they are referring to their main or proxy services.In either case, they want to perform the same tests I did at the three locations, I agree to do so. Although, I did tell him that if they want to do comparison test with an iPhone on the 3 HK network, they will have to contact you also.

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