HTC Hero Available from Smartone-Vodafone

Smartone-Vodafone logoThis afternoon the mobile carrier Smartone-Vodafone has announced the price and tariff plans for the HTC Hero.

The top of the line plan is identical to the tariff planSmartone-Vodafone is offering iPhone users in Hong Kong, which they called “The Ultimate iPhone Experience“. The main difference being for the iPhone tariff plan, Smartone-Vodafone is not selling the iPhone 3GS themselves. Customers just have to bring in a proof of purchase from a Hong Kong Apple Authorized Reseller or Apple HK that is dated within 3 months.

The plan requires a 24 months contract with the carrier, plus a minimum subscription of HKD36.00 VAS per month. Giving the unlimited data plan a total monthly cost of HKD446.00 after taken into account the mandatory HKD12.00/month Administration fee.

Smartone-Vodafone Tariff Plan for HTC Hero
Like most typical mobile phone launch in Hong Kong, the HTC Hero is not exclusive to Smartone-Vodafone in Hong Kong, but will also be sold by the local mobile carrier, PCCW.

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  1. Finally is here. I was looking forward that Hero arrived in town. Hope I can have my hands on it to try 😀 If not get the Iphone 3G S, I will go for this new mate. I have read some reviews and in general the people are quite happy with it.

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