When is Nudity Becomes a Taboo

Naked Baby
Just read the article, When Do They Need a Fig Leaf?, on New York Times. This brought up an issue that I see fairly frequently. That is the presence of kids of opposite gender in washrooms.

The article asks at what age should kids be prevented from running around in public or private home naked? Should children ever allowed to be running around naked?

I think these are questions that have different answers depending on your cultural up bringing and the social acceptance of the city/country where you live.

In the case of public washroom I think any children older than 5 should not be allow to go into washroom of opposite gender.

It is unfortunate, but our society has too many weirdos and bad people to allow our children to maintain their innocence. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for children maintaining their innocence as long as possible. I think we should teach our next generation to respect our body and others, educate them on the differences of their body as early as possible, and the appropriateness of when they can be naked.

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