Taxi Taxi As Far As Eye Can See

This evening at one of the busiest location in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, near Time Square at 21:00 in the evening. Where normally it’s very difficult to find an empty taxi, had so many available taxis that the line up spilled out onto a street three blocks away.
View Toward the Front of the Line View Towards the End of Line

Could this be the result of the recent taxi rate hike before Christmas?

I really don’t understand why the taxi industry of Hong Kong chooses to raise the rates during this worldwide economic down spin, where Hong Kong is one of the many cities taking the brunt of the effects. With many people in Hong Kong worry about the security of their jobs in the coming months.

The taxis industry’s original excuse for raising the rates was the high cost of gas prices, therefore raising their cost of operation. This did not make sense to me, as 100% of the taxis in Hong Kong are fueled by  LPG. Plus gas prices had dropped over HKD4.00/L since their original complaint.

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