10 Busiest Airports

Rank Airport Location Passengers
1. Atlanta Hartsfield International Atlanta, GA, USA 84,846,639
2. Chicago O’Hare Chicago, IL, USA 72,028,134
3. London Heathrow London, UK 67,530,197
4. Tokyo International Tokyo, Japan 65,810,672
5. Los Angeles International Los Angeles, CA, USA 61,041,066
6. DFW International Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, USA 60,226,138
7. Charles de Gaulle Paris, France 56,849,567
8. Frankfurt Frankfurt, Germany 52,810,683
9. Beijing Beijing, China 48,654,770
10. Dever International Denver, CO, USA 47,325,016

Number of passengers as of 2007.

This holiday season you may want to take the above into account when you decide on the number of hours ahead of your flight departure to arrive at your airport.

Source: Airports Council International

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