Not Necessary Believable News

As the saying goes, “bad news sells newspapers”.

Being true to this saying the traditional media (CNN, New York Times, etc.) are again reporting the Mac rumors as fact. Even with a recent example of how irresponsible these traditional media were; CNN iReport incident.

You can see from Dow Jones Newswires article Apple Sets Oct 14 Event: “Spotlight On Notebooks” they are referring to all the rumors about what Apple may announce as facts. They even went as far as suggesting that Apple is using this event on October 14, 2008, 09:30 (PST) as a tactic to recover the falling price of Apple’s stock (AAPL).

This Dow Jones Newswires’ Ben Charny has such high regards for Apple, that he is basically suggesting that Apple has such a great foresight, as to predict the collapse of the US economy and the global financial market. So they planned approximately 2 years ahead of time to have an event on exactly October 14, 2008; several days after Apple’s stock price broke its 52-weeks low a few times, to make announcements that will recover the price of their stock. That is utterly ridiculous.

BTW: I am surprised that Walt Mossberg of Dow Jones did not spot this Charny article.

If I was not a passionate follower of technology trends and news, in particular Apple’s, I will have believe Charny’s view points as truth and will be gravely disappointed if come Tuesday (PST) I did not hear all the things that Charny mentioned in his article.

Similarly financial and industry analysts heighten Apple’s upcoming financial results (to be announced on October 21, 2008), then lowers these heightened prediction causing the general investor to panic, and when Apple’s actual financial results are just several percentage over Apple’s previous prediction, these same analysts will be quick to report how Apple has missed the market expectations.

The above page where Charny’s article appeared was in CNNMoney’s web site. I can’t believe that after the recent debacle of CNN iReport, they would be responsible enough to not simply take the Charny’s article from the Dow Jones Newswire and publish it on their web site.

I call for all “traditional media” to be more responsible. Please consider their average audience and their degree of prior knowledge before publishing any information as fact.

Anyone who has followed Apple for as long as I had (24+ years) will know that Apple never pre-announce any news about products. So if you do not read it on then it is just a rumor and/or educated analysis of what’s to come. The latter is what I try to do on this site.

For my readers who want to find out more about the rumors that Charny used as fact, please check out the following creditable Macintosh/Apple rumor sites:

Please try to be an educated reader and not believe everything you read.

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  1. they would be responsible enough to not simply take the Charny’s article from the Dow Jones Newswire and publish it on their web site.

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