Movie Review: Penelope


My Rating: 3Stars

This evening I saw the movie “Penelope” at UA Cinema, Time Square, Hong Kong.

I was presently surprised by this movie. I went into the movie thinking it was just going to be another lesson-learned movie. It did have the black-swan element to the movie that one would come to expect. The several twists in the story were nice touches to give it the unexpected elements.

I don’t normally enjoy this sort of movies; I am more of the action adventure, thriller kind of a guy.

The acting was fair, but I think the story has much to convince me to give it a 3 penguins rating. If you were looking for a light hearted entertainment for a present afternoon, then do give it a try. Of course, as my rating states, if you can rent it even better.

Rating Legend:
5Stars Not to be missed
4Stars Wait for the DVD
3Stars Buy from iTunes Store
2Stars Rent it on iTunes
1Stars Waste your time elsewhere

2 Replies to “Movie Review: Penelope”

  1. I can not figure out hwo to buy it on i-tunes i want to but when i search it it is not there and it was sopposed to come out today.

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