What is Your Most Desired Native iPhone Application?

Now that the iPhone has been officially released for over four months, in four different countries. What is the most desired native application you wish someone, other than Apple, will release?

By “native” I mean application that runs on the iPhone without Safari (MobileSafari).

Before anyone say it, I do know about the vast number of 3rd party applications alresdy out there. I have used many of them, but what I am talking about here are the sanctioned 3rd party applications released by developers utilizing Apple’s official iPhone SDK.

My most desired is something that will be the IM (instant messenger) consolidator, like Adium on the Macintosh and Trillian on Windows. Currently there are MobileChat and Apollo from 3rd party developers, but neither works consistently nor do they allow simultaneous logins to multiple IM services at the same time.

The other thing that I really really wish the iPhone has is copy-and-paste. Apple being the first to made popular the concept of copy-and-paste in its Macintosh OS 24+ years ago, did not release a subset of Mac OS X for the iPhone with copy-and-paste, is very surprising. Now with 6 revisions of the iPhone firmware, we still have yet to see this feature on the iPhone. I wonder if a 3rd party using the official Apple SDK will be able to bring us this feature prevalent across every user interface and applications in the iPhone.

Another cool app will be something to do with the built-in camera on the iPhone. A simple application like MobilePhotoBooth or a more complexed application which will assist with uploading taken photos to the various photo sharing sites: Flickr, Smugmug, etc.. I know there are currently iFlickr and Pushr, but both are flaky and unstable.

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  1. You’ve found Pushr to be flaky and unstable? As the guy who wrote it… I’d really love to hear more about that, since I don’t know of any crasher bugs in the current version.

  2. Hi Clee,

    Thank you for wanting to get to the bottom of my issues with Pushr.

    I am also happy to help make Pushr the best possible native app on the iPhone.

    The last time when I tried Pushr, it was always attempting to upload the photos in my Camera Roll but it never finishes. This was when I was still at iPhone firmware 1.1.1.

    I will give it a try again. Please feel free to let me know about any beta versions and I would love to help test it.

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