Effects of Winter Storm in China

China snow storm in Shenyang, ChinaAssociate Press Logo
The effects of severe weather can be much more detrimental to some, as you can see from the statistics below.

  • 77.86 million people affected, according to official figures
  • 53 people killed, including 29 in bus crashes in Guizhou and Gansu
  • 89 coal-fired power plants have coal supplies down to alarm level; 18million kW of power generation capacity down due to coal shortage
  • 126 million yuan allocated to six provinces for disaster relief
  • 158,000 PLA troops and armed police and 303,000 paramilitary membershave joined the anti-snow campaign. Almost a million police have beendeployed
  • 178.6 million passengers are expected to travel from January 23 to March 2, up from 156 million last year; at least 300,000 are stranded inGuangzhou
  • 6.86 million hectares of crops in 16 provinces damaged
  • 80 flights between Hong Kong and the mainland cancelled or delayed as of 3pm yesterday

courtesy of SCMP

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