Battle of Customs

Repost from: Vinko’s Satellite Blog

In recent months many of the products manufactured or grown in China had found to contain poisonous materials or chemicals. This problem was reported in many countries: United States, United Kingdom, France, Australia, etc. With most of the cases reported in the United States.

China’s responds to these accusations have been a mix of spontaneous defense of China’s manufacturing, accusations of American companies not conducting proper quality control, and the media for exaggerating the serious of the problem. At one point the Chinese government released the statement, “… over 7 billion units of product was manufactured and exported by China, and only a small amount of these units has problems…”. Doesn’t the Chinese government realize that a small amount of 7 billion is still a very large number?

Either due to desperation to overcome the bad press, Yesterday China reported that a shipment of medicine “CMO – Cetyl Myristoleate” contains dangerous substance that is harmful to people taking the medicine.

Today the US Customs again refused entry of another shipment of toys from China, claiming that paint on the toys contains too much lead. This is the forth time in a week that US Customs has refused entry of large toy shipments from China. China now responded to this latest US Customs’ action blaming these safety violation is the direct result of US government raising the safety standards without consulting Chinese manufactures.

As a by-stander, I am starting to wonder are all these accusation valid? Are they simply political gesturing for ulterior motive?

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