Movie Review: The Bourne Ultimatum


My Rating: 4Stars

This evening I saw the movie “The Bourne Ultimatum” at UA Cinema, Time Square, Causeway Bay.

This is now the sixth movie in the row that I was very happy to give my 4 Penguins or above rating. Hopefully sign of even better movies to come. Although, the Summer blockbusters are almost ending.

I was a bit skeptical entering the movie, whether this 3rd edition of the franchise can live up to the typical Bourne action and plot twists. I was presently surprised.

One thing I will advise, like all the James Bond movies, you “DO NOT WANT TO BE LATE” for the one. The action begins 2 minutes into the movie and did not stop.

At times there was the typical “flash back” which prevented me from giving this movie the “5 Penguins” rating. Although, I do understand the needs to do so, to offer a sense of closure to the Bourne trilogy. Aside from that it has the car chases and action sequences to keep the audiences at the edge of their seats.

Matt Damon, was obviously older in this movie to the point of overweight, which made some of the actions a bit unbelievable.

They did try to develop a hidden back story between the character Jason Bourne and Nicky Parsons (played by Julia Stiles), but did not carry it to fruition. Is this an attempt to give themselves an option to have a 4th version of the franchise? No one will know until that happens.

If you like action, spy, espionage movie, this is definitely not one to miss.

Rating Legend:
5Stars Not to be missed
4Stars Wait for the DVD
3Stars Buy from iTunes Store
2Stars Rent it if you can
1Stars Waste your time elsewhere

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