Yahoo Photos & Flickr

Flickr logoYesterday I received an email from Yahoo informing me that Yahoo Photos will be closing down and asked if I want to move my photos from there to Flickr or one of the other photo sharing sites.
Although, I did not have any photos in Yahoo Photos, I thought i still follow their instructions for transferring my Yahoo Photos account’s photos to my Flickr account.

Today, I received an email from Yahoo Photos that all my photos had been transferred to my Flickr account within their own photoset and set to “private” status. This so far is no big deal to me, as I did not have any photos in my Yahoo Photos account.

What was surprising was the last part of the email, where Yahoo Photos wrote, due to my continue support they have extended my Flickr Pro account three more months. I immediately signed onto my Flickr account, and was happy to confirm that its expiry date was indeed extended three months.

So for all you guys who have a Flickr Pro account and a Yahoo account, be sure not to ignore Yahoo Photos’ email to transfer your photo collection.

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