Business Secrecy


Many people complains that Apple Inc. is not clear about their directions and secretive about their product announcements and release dates.

An example being the recent events that had transpired with Apple’s iPhone. Apple announced and demonstrated the iPhone off at MacWorld San Francisco 2007 show in January. They then inform the public of a June 2007 release date.

Now as the rumored release date of June 11 approaches, numerous companies are trying to make their own announcements to stifle the anticipated excitement surrounding the actual iPhone release.

HTC, the Taiwanese Microsoft® Windows Mobile® smartphone manufacture, is planning a major announcement in London on June 5. Their chic designed invitation copied Apple’s iPhone theme by saying, “… a new mobile experience that will change the way we use and control our phones.”.

Microsoft® released the Microsoft® Surface a few hours ago. This device is suppose to be a commercial product based on the Multitouch technology that had been in development for the past 25 years. With Fingerworks developing an Opensource software to implement this Multitouch interface initially on Windows 2000 and Mac OS X. Although, Fingerworks is now an entity of Apple and its technology had been incorporated into the iPhone.

Multitouch demonstration by Perceptive Pixel, Jefferson Y. Han’s company.

Jefferson Y. Han’s Multitouch Experiment in 2006.

So these actions by the various manufactures to position their announcements just prior to Apple’s iPhone launch, further proves Apple’s point and justifications to not make their plans 100% clear to the public. While still gives their stockholders and consumers something to look forward to.

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