Getting Your Own House In Order


I know I say I try not to be political but the recent events in the past 12 hours had forced me to comment on the foreign policies of George W. Bush.

Yesterday, after the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reports to the UN Security Council that not only had Iran not stop the production of nuclear fuel they had increased production. The United States as a result asked the international members to put pressure on Iran to comply with the UN resolution. Either intentional or coincident, according to American authorities, the United States had sent two aircraft carriers along with supporting battle ships, amounting to a force of over 100 thousand members of the US arm forces, to join the US carrier group that is already in the Baltic sea for a, so called, military exercise.

In another story the US government is about to approve a 90 Billion dollars military fund to support the two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Why are the Americans playing the role of world police? Will this world of ours go to “hell” if they do not?

Sometimes I wonder what our society will be like if what is imagined in Star Trek is true. In which the human culture had given up on any forms of monetary denominations. Instead placing values on knowledge, science and arts.

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