When Will They Learn?


This afternoon I was on a local bus; First Bus #115 license plate JV7020, going East bound from Central to Kowloon City.

The outside temperature was a cool 18C, but the driver still had the air conditioner basting. The temperature in the cabin must be at least 16C.

We continue to talk about saving the environment by reducing energy consumptions and the CFC (Chlorofluorocarbons) emissions from air conditioners, but the joe-public just don’t seem to care.

In Hong Kong they even made an official recommendation for all public transportations to maintain an in cabin temperature of 23.5C. At first when the government made this recommendation, all the public transport companies were advertising the fact that they were complying with the recommendations. Now after only a few months they have reverted back to their old habits.

It this a problem of education? Its this an issue of selfishness? Or is it a social awareness issue? May be it is all of the above. I do not have a solution but for the sake of our future; on this planet, I hope people will be more aware.

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