Ultimate Wedding Checklist

7 – 12 Months Before

  1. Select you wedding date
  2. Decide on the kind of wedding you want
  3. Book the venue
  4. Make a guest list
  5. Set yourself a budget
  6. Book a photographer
  7. Confirm tailor

4 – 6 Months Before

  1. Design and order invitation cards
  2. Interview and book florist
  3. Order wedding favors
  4. Notify friends and relatives about the wedding
  5. Reserve accommodation for overseas guests
  6. Plan and book honeymoon
  7. Schedule a premarital health check
  8. Choose the wedding party

2 – 3 Months Before

  1. Obtain marriage license
  2. Order wedding cake
  3. Order wine
  4. Confirm with florists venue and car decoration, bridal bouquet, bridesmaid’s bouquets and corsages
  5. First dress fitting if you’re having it tailor made
  6. Schedule meal tasting
  7. Book bridal car and other transport if needed
  8. Plan bridal shower and bachelor party

1 – 2 Months Before

  1. Confirm bridal party
  2. Prepare detailed schedule
  3. Send out formal invitations
  4. Write toasts or speeches
  5. Open safety deposit box and joint account
  6. Apply for annual leave for honeymoon
  7. Confirm honeymoon details
  8. Pick up wedding rings

2 Weeks Before

  1. Seating plan and rundown
  2. Contact guests that haven’t responded
  3. Hold bridal and bachelor parties
  4. Confirm all service providers
  5. Final fitting for your wedding dress

1 Week Before

  1. Pick up gown and accessories
  2. Confirm number of guests and details with caterer
  3. Rundown with attendants and other people with duties
  4. Prepare wedding favors
  5. Reserve table for lunch with bridal party if necessary
  6. Pack for honeymoon
  7. Confirm travel arrangements
  8. Arrange payment and tips

2 Days Before

  1. Waxing, manicure and pedicure
  2. Finalize seating chart

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