My Next Phone

After hearing Steve Jobs’ keynote at Apple’s MacWorld 2007 in San Francisco I am drooling over the new iPhone. I was so happy to see the Multi-Touch interface demonstrated. As I was very impressed with the original
Unfortunately, I live in Hong Kong and Apple is releasing the iPhone in the US with Cingular in June of this year, and not making available in Asia until 2008.

If you’ve read my previous post, you will see my list of features for my dream mobile phone. I guess I will have to settle with a Nokia E61 for now, as it has 9 out of the 10 features in my list. Then upgrade to an Apple iPhone in 2008.

This may be fine, as I most likely do not want to owe a revision 1.0 of the product and at the moment Apple’s iPhone currently has all 11 features but does not have UMTS yet, which Steve Jobs already hinted that it will.

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