Track Day

Today was the first time I ever had a chance to drive a sports car on a race track. For someone who loves driving and cars this is definitely a special day.

I was invited to Richburg Lotus, Hong Kong’s first ever Track Day to launch their status as the official dealer for Lotus in Hong Kong. The whole day’s event was held at Zhuhai International Circuit in Zhuhai, China.

I had the opportunity to drive a Lotus Exige S through a gymkhana (timed slalom course). The fastest time of the three tries was considered my time for the course and was competed against other drivers for prices.

Being my first time behind a Lotus and a gymkhana, I did not win any price to say the least. Although, the experience was good. I really enjoyed the experience and the opportunity to see what a Lotus can really do in the hands of professionals.

I also received pointers from professional drivers from UK and Hong Kong on handling techniques for the Lotus, which was great.

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