Interesting Incident At McD’s

I was at a McDonald’s restaurant earlier this afternoon as most of you know; if you read my previous entry.

I was standing behind two young kids at the counter making their selections for their Happy Meal toy. These two were just about 7 or 8 years old and they ordered one Happy Meal between the two of them.

McD’s Staff: gave the kids four choices of toys.

Little Boy: could not decide on the toy and looked to the little girl to make the choice.

Little Girl: point to a toy and the LB made the selection.

MS: announced the total to the kids.

LG: took out a $20.00 bill to pay for the meal.

MS: are you the older sister? Since he ordered and you paid.

LG: shook her head

I then comment from behind the two kids and said, “she is the girlfriend”. The McD’s staff replied, “Really?”, then he realized I was not with the kids and that I was just joking.

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