US Imposing On Others

To be accurate, I am speaking of the United States government imposing their foreign politics on other countries.

Where can I start. I don’t want to get too political and start debating US foreign policies. One thing I do want to comment on is the fact that everyone pounded on Google for creating a site that is censored, and for providing information on Yahoo users whom the Chinese government wanted to locate.

Google is a business and a public company. Being so, must make money and answer to its share holders. Creating is Google’s way of complying with China’s policies so that it can operate in China. Like any companies that wants to do business in the United States must comply with US policies.

I am not trying to say that “censorship” is a good thing. I live in Hong Kong and I enjoy the freedom of speech that still exist here.

Mainland China for that matter is not the same as most western countries. Their standards and sense of what’s right or wrong are different from most western countries. People need to realize that we cannot impose our own sense of what’s right or wrong onto other cultures or countries.

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