Recently, my entries in my weblog had stirred up some controversy among my readers. Some of which are friends and others are just frequent visitors to my site.

I believe that I had finally achieved what I had been trying to do for the past 3 years while writing this weblog, and that is to invoke discussions and comments about thoughts I have.

I truly believe that constructive discussions can lead to great things for all parties concern.

Given that I am very busy in recent days, with operating my online store and other ventures, I have less and less time to speak to others (friends or acquaintances) about various topics I may have on my mind. So my weblog is the only channel I have to express these thoughts publicly (per se).

I hope that my readers (particularly those that do not know me in person) do not get offended by my words. I do realize that my recent entries in my weblog had some strong words and opinions, my purpose was to invoke comments to them and not to get any particular group upset.

Freedom of speech is a great thing, we in Hong Kong and most places in the world are lucky to have it. We need to exercise it more otherwise some people may think we take it for granted. So all comments and feedbacks are welcome; except those that are consider spam or offensive to others.

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