Nuts & Bots of Service Delivery

What is the formula for good Customer Service?

Having the desire to deliver good service is only part of the formula, but it is the most important part to build upon. I am talking about the aptitude of the individuals to deliver exceptional service to the customers.

Companies who are successful in the delivery of good customer service consistent across their businesses are very hard to come by. One good example of such a company is, Starbucks Coffee. They stand out among its competitors, by having the exceptional ability to deliver these consistent good customer services not only across their business, but also across cultures and national borders.

The key to Starbucks’ success is its training, corporate culture and their Human Resource. Speaking of HR, I will leave that topic to another article.

Having a well defined and clear corporate philosophy where every members of the staff know and committed to is very important. The next most important component in delivering good customer service is the human elements. With proper hiring and screening practices, and experienced HR representatives, they should result in the right kind of individuals chosen for the execution and delivery of the customer service.

Often, even with good intentions from these HR representatives, the results are not the kind of individuals who take pride in the delivery of good customer service. Consequently failing even the most elaborate and well designed customer service delivery plan.

It is very difficult to execute a perfect customer service delivery formula. Hence, Good Customer Service is one of the best differentiator for a company, where it will be difficult for its competitors to duplicate or match.

More companies in Hong Kong, for that matter the rest of Asia, need to be aware of this important differentiator, especially during the current trend in the competitive landscape.

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