Are People Too Hard on Apple? (Part 3)


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As for the premise that Bill Gates’s Microsoft taking over Apple Computer Inc., I have this to say. I agree that Microsoft have copied the Mac OS for years in their Windows OS. With the release of Windows 98, Windows OS is feature equivalent to the Mac OS in 1998.

Since then the Mac OS has again leaped forward with Mac OS X, which the forever delay and yet to release Microsoft Windows Vista is suppose to be copying. Some even say that the forthcoming Windows Vista is Microsoft’s most complete copy of the Mac OS to date. But by the time of the suppose release date (November 2006, as of this writing), Apple will have already released their 5th major revision to the Mac OS X.

Many must agree that Microsoft has long lost any innovations, if they ever had any. Some may argue this point by pointing out “Windows Media Center”, I will say they copied TiVo. Others may bring up XBox, I will say they copied Sony’s Playstation and Nintendo. I do agree that the latest version of the XBox, XBox 360 is elegant and well thought out, but according to my information it was outsourced to a Japanese design firm. Yet some will point to “Windows Pocket PC” or “Windows CE”, I will say that they copied Palm OS and Symbian OS.

For a glimpse of what to come from Apple you can take a look at the video of Multi Touch Interface that Apple is working on
Apple’s success has been credited by its focus on design and its “Apple Way” of doing things.

Case in point, the success of the “iPod”, “iTunes” and “iTunes Music Store” in allowing Apple to dominate the online music download and MP3 player markets, is the direct results of these trio of products from Apple. Without any one of them Apple would not have been as successful as it has been. Apple’s competitors can testify to that successful formula. None of them so far had been able to duplicate what Apple has accomplished in a short 4 years time. The only one that came close was Sony, but they were not successful even with their advantage of owning a large portion of the music rights of the music industry.

Another example is the “5th generation iPod” with video capabilities. From the start, Apple purposely did not label this newest version of the iPod series the “Video iPod” or “iPod Video” like many other uninitiated have. This is because when Apple eventually decides to get into “Portable Media Player” (PMP) market, it will be with a device that was designed, the Apple Way, from the ground up for video play back. Rather than retrofitting a MP3 player (iPod) for video pay back. The market, industry analysts and critics of Apple, have mistakenly took the “5G iPod” as Apple’s example of their entry into the “up coming” PMP market.

I believe that Apple will do what they have always done so well, not necessary being the first but always the innovated.

Apple is a company that does not do anything half way. When and if they decide to participate in a market or consumer area, they will do it all the way in the spirit of, the trial and trusted “Apple Way”.

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