Are People Too Hard on Apple?


As many of you already know if you are a regular reader of my blog. There have been lots of buzz about the ability to run Windows XP on the new Macintel computers.

I have 2 articles here in my weblog on the subject:

Some even went as far as suggesting this is the prequel of Apple Computer abandoning the Mac OS in favor of Microsoft’s Windows OS.

And there are some who suggest this is a preview of a Microsoft take over of Apple Computer Inc., then incorporating it into one of its divisions, based on the tatics, if Microsoft cannot beat them might as well buy them. I respect that all these are individuals’ opinions and some are from well known and outspoken journalist (ie, John Dvorak) of the tech industry. Even so, I do not agree or share these authors’ sentiments.

Having used the Macintosh computer for the past 22 years and a couple more with Apple computers, I must say that it has become the computing tool of choice for me. I have always used a Macintosh, no matter which company I worked for. This was especially so when I was working in North America as a Macintosh Software Developer.

I do agree that the Macintosh had been distance dreams for many corporates who did not choose the platform from the start. These were mainly due to the cost of switching from the Windows environment. Yet there are many corporates, who made the initial decision to use the Macintosh, will tell you, the long term maintenance and support cost is much lower with the Macintosh platform compared to that of Windows platforms. This had been the case since 1984 when the first Macintosh was first introduced.

Since this article is getting long, I will continue part 2 tomorrow.

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