Disney Taking Over Pixar

Today Disney board members announced and approved the purchase of Pixar in a 7.4 billion deal.

The majority owner of Pixar, Steve Jobs, will become a board member of Disney, plus he will be the largest share holder of Disney.

For those who do not know, Pixar and Disney had a 7 movies deal started with “Toy Story” in 1995 that was about to expire with the upcoming movie “Cars”. Which had already grossed more than USD3.2 billion worldwide and yet to flop. Where as both Disney and Dreamworks have not met the epectations for their respective movies at the box office.

So who is taking over who here. With John Lasseter, Creative Director of Pixar, becoming the Creative Officer for both companies animation studios and overseeing design for new attractions at Disney theme parks, and Steve Jobs being the largest share holder of Disney. Is Pixar taking over Disney from within?

Will Steve Jobs now have a conflict of interest, being the person in charge of a media distribution channel, iTunes Music Store, and influencer of Disney?

Will the Mouse company start to use more Macintosh at its theme parks?

BTW: did I mention that the Macintosh was realeased on this day 22 years ago? Plus I was born on this day.

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