WTO Conference in Hong Kong

The Sixth WTO Ministerial Conference will be held in Hong Kong from December 13 – 18.

Normally I am neither for or against the WTO or the concept of globalization. Some of you may know I had recently moved from Kowloon side to Hong Kong Island; specifically the Wan Chai area.

The apartment in Wan Chai is one of the older apartment building in Hong Kong with 14 stories. Majority of the tenants are elders who had lived there for over 30 years.

When I moved in on Dec. 1, I found that all apartments from the 8th floor and above have no fresh water supply and when there is the water pressure is extremely low. The tenants at the building were telling me that this had been happening for the past week. Most of them were blaming the 4 different apartments (including the one I am in), which are in the middle of major renovations, for causing the lost of water.

We had all called the Water Department to complain about the situation, but just last night the building management posted a notice informing the tenants that the Water Department had investigated the situation and found that it was the result of the Hong Kong government reserving the water for the WTO conference.

Since this building is very old, and utilize a regional water tower to provide enough pressure to the apartments from 8th floor and above. Therefore, with the water held back there was not enough pressure to provide water to the older buildings.

So the past few days there had been volunteers bringing fresh water supply to the elders in appartments that do not have water supply.

I cannot believe that the Hong Kong government would do something like this. This is something that a communist government would do.

There had always been tourist and military ships arriving in Hong Kong every day, never had the government held back water for them and over a week before they arrive.

This is ridiculous.

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  1. Hi, Vinko,Don’t know you’ve already moved to Wanchai. The last time I asked, you said you don’t hv a move date yet. Good that you’ve now settled in, though it’s tough not to hv water. Luckily, it’s not during the hot summer days when you would definintely need a show or two during the day.BTW, there is an obvious typo towards the end of your article. It’s ridiculous!!

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