Apple’s “One More Thing…” Announcement


At this very moment (October 12, 2005, 10:00am PDT) in California Theater, San Jose, California, USA, Apple is making their “One more thing…” announcement to the members of the press.

In the past week everyone had been speculating what Apple will announce at this event. These included:

  1. video iPod
  2. radio feature on a 5th generation iPod®
  3. new revamped PowerBook
  4. even a “tablet Macintosh”

So what Apple will actually announce will have to wait until Apple finish its event.

Stay tune…

[Update: 01:35] – from MacRumors on Site

  • New thinner iMac® with built-in iSight
  • FrontRowRemote

  • New Apple application called “PhotoBooth”
  • New Apple media software called “Front Row” with an infrared remote. Having only 6 buttons to control all the video functions compared to the various versions of Microsoft Media Center’s 40+ buttons remotes
  • FrontRowRemote
  • New 5th generation iPod® Video 30GB/60GB with 2.5in TFT display displaying 320×240 pixels and realtime decoding of MPEG4 and H.264 video. Both the “5G iPod® Video 30GB/60GB” are 31% thinner than the current “iPod® Color Display 20GB” priced at USD299 and USD399 respectively
  • New iTunes® 6

So it looks like Apple is definitely getting into Digital Media Center in a way, and began to sell Music Videos on iTunes® Music Store (iTMS).

[Update: 01:59] – from iLounge on Site

  • Alleged photos of the new “5G iPod® Video 30GB”

[Update: 02:00] – from MacRumors on Site

  • TV shows will be available for purchase at USD1.99 each episode. So far ABC, Disney and Pixar are on board to sell their content. Making “Desperate Housewives”, “Lost” and more available
  • All videos purchased from iTMS will have Digital Rights Management (DRM) software built in.

[Update: 02:01] – from Apple
Here are the details of today’s announcement in the form of an Apple press releases:

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