Sony® PSP™ Firmware 2.0

Today Sony released the long awaited firmware update v2.0 for its PlayStation®Protable (PSP®), which contains among other improvements a web browser.

The browser is not bad there is a concept of tabs, but only a maximum of 3 can be opened at a time. Navigating among them takes a bit getting used to (<square button> + Left paddle = Previous Tab, <square button> + Right paddle = Next Tab).

One thing you need to remember is to put away the “Display Menu” before trying to navigate around the page.

After using it for a hour or so, I am sure Firmware Update v2.1 must be coming soon; at least I hope so.

Before you rush to update your Sony PSP®, you may want to check out the WARNING on Sony’s PSP® Update web page:

CAUTION: This update is only for customers who obtained PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) for Japan which model number is PSP-1000 or PSP-1000 K. Upon completion of preparing, we will announce update information for the other countries/areas customers via SCE Group Web Site or other channels . For these customers who obtained PSP® in the other countries/areas, please DO NOT update PSP® through this web site. There are no guarantee of proper operation of the other PSP®.

The Sony PSP® Firmware Update 2.0 includes the following feature enhancements:

  • Network
    • Internet browser function (no Macromedia Flash support)
  • Video
    • Jump function (for UMD video, UMD music)
    • A-B repeat function (UMD video, UMD music, videos on Memory Stick Duo)
    • 4:3 screen ratio mode (for videos on Memory Stick Duo)
    • Audio Options switching function (for videos on Memory Stick Duo)
    • Support for MP4 (AVC) playback (for videos on Memory Stick Duo)
  • Audio
    • Support for ATRAC3, plus sound file transfer to Memory Stick Pro Duo using Music SonicStage Version 3.2
    • Support for MP4 (AAC) and WAV (Linear PCM) playback (for audio on Memory Stick Duo)
    • UMD music can now be played under [Music]
  • Photo
    • Addition of wallpaper function
    • Addition of image transfer function
    • Support for TIFF, GIF, PNG, and BMP file formats
  • Settings
    • Added Korean menu option
    • Added character set option
    • Added “Theme Setting”
    • Added “Internet Browser launch restriction” in security settings
    • WPA-PSK (TKIP) security format in network settings
    • Settings for Infrastructure Mode under [Network Settings] were revised to be easier to use
    • Input modes were added to the onscreen keyboard

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