Tsunami of South West Asia

Yesterday the worst tragedy happened in Sumatra, Indonesia with an eathquake measuring 9.0 on the Richter Scale. This caused a tsunami that hit the coast of Sir Lanka, India, Maldives, Africa.

The devastation is only just being realized due to the poor communication to some of the remote area affected. Now the survivors are in danger of disease from decomposing bodies and contaminated water supply.

One way to help is to look at some of the pictures of the missing persons from the Tsunami disaster and see if you know the whereabouts of these individuals.

The other is to make donations to International Red Cross, Oxfam or UNICEF. Some of the other Aid Agencies may be found on CNN’s web page.

Red Cross Oxfam

If you have love ones or friends you’re trying to locate, you can use CNN’s web page for posting “Tsunami Tragedy Appeals”.

Update: Jan. 23, 2005
Current official death toll = 174,000

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