Update: Bad Habits Hard to Break

Last Saturday I wrote about the intersection of Kowloon Park Drive and Peking Road. Today I received an email from the Station Sergeant explaining that they had increased checks of the intersection since the opening of the subway at the crossing, and they had “issued verbal warnings and sometimes citations when it is appropriate”. He also tells me that the Transport Department will be errecting a new divider for Kowloon Park Drive to improve the situation.

I question whether the TD will be able to come up with a design that is more affective than that is already there.

So I had asked the Station Sergeant to ask TD to post the proposal of the new divider at the intersection for citizen’s comment before they begin construction. I don’t know whether they will do as I had requested, and I do not call myself an expert in transportation or road construction, but I really hate to see the government spend money wastefully; it is of course at the end our money that they are spending.

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