Slow Politicians

Is this a trait of a successful politician? Or should should the question be – are these successful politicians?

I understand that one should think clearly before one speak especially during a speech.

Although, the behaviour of some of the politicians now a day are really baffling to me.


One is “Tung Chee Hwa” of Hong Kong, SAR. His speeches can put any insomnia sufferer to sleep in seconds. Not only are his speeches in mono tone, he also speaks very slowly, pulsing every 2 to 3 words. I do not know the full medical health of Mr. Tung, but may be the pluses are the result of his health and double chins. It may be causing him to take frequent deep breaths between words.


The other politician who has this trait is “Chen Shui Bian” of Taiwan. Although, Mr. Chen does not have the physic of Mr. Tung, so may be it is because Mr. Chen does not have enough staff to write his speeches. But you do see Mr. Chen holding a stack of paper with him during his speeches.

So your guess is as good as mind.

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