Solution to Real Estate Agents Swarming

I described in a previous post (“Real Estate Agent Game”) the strange practices of real estate agents in Hong Kong, where they would hover around estate development showrooms asking every passerby whether they’re interested in buying a property. I believe I have the perfect solution to this annoying practice.

The developer just has to set up an area, out of the way of the general public and visitors to the showroom, where by all agents at the showroom will register at the beginning of each of their work day. By registering, each agent will be assigned a number.

Visitors to the showroom who are interested in seeing a property will choose from a box containing the numbers of the registered agents that day. Whichever number the visitor chooses, it will represent the agent who will assist the visitor in his/her purchase. No agents will be allowed to approach the visitor directly anywhere near the showroom property.

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