3G in Hong Kong

For those of you who do not know what is 3G, please allow me to give you a simple explaination.

The symbol “3G” stands for “third generation”. It is the 3rd generation of the modern cellular phone technology development. At the present time most of the world’s carriers have already upgraded their cellular technologies to 2.5G.

3G, as it is known, will allow its subscribers fast video quality data transfer either between cellular handsets or between handsets and content providers. With the arrival of 3G technology the types of services available on cellular handsets will greatly increase.

The Japanese telecom providers are already experimenting with 4G and 5G technologies.

Has 3G technology become mature enough to be offered in Hong Kong?

Well this should have been the question asked by the carriers offering this service to the public.

Recently 3 HK launched 3G service to the Hong Kong public, but the services offered are really not for the average subscribers. The handset itself is ugly (personal opinion of course) and expensive. It is not until now, almost one month later, that 3 HK began to offer a less expensive handset to its subscirbers.

Design is an important aspect for new technology adoption. Why doesn’t 3 HK take a lesson from NTT DoCoMo? DoCoMo just launched a new line of 3G phones 900i series, and it has been a great success.

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