Skype Finally Available for Mac Users


Two days ago, the growing popular software “Skype“; by the company of the same name, finally released a Beta version for the Macintosh (OS 10.3.5 and later). This is after only 9 months where our friends on the Windows, Linux and Pocket PC platforms have been enjoying the features and functionalities of VoIP with Skype.

The creators of Skype are the same ones who created one of the most popular Internet software “KaZaA“; a P2P software that people used to exchange documents, MP3, movies and images.

The Skype team further enhanced what they learned from KaZaA and introduced a bunch of other technologies to produce a VoIP client that automatically locate the shortest path between Skype users.

They also have a service called SkypeOut where you can call any telephone, either fixed line or mobile, at a very low cost.

So if you have time and a microphone attached to your computer do give this software a try, while you’re at it you can drop me a line (Skype ID: “vinko66”).

Apple Done it Again!

Apple has done it again. The latest upcoming version of Apple’s Mac OS X is even cooler than the ones before. Some of the features of Tiger remind me of Apple’s old R&D project called “Knowledge Navigator”.

One of the coolest new [functional] feature is “Dashboard”. I can just picture all the new Widgets developers will be coming out with. One reason why I think Tiger is so cool is that it has elements of what SUN Microsystems has demonstrated with their desktop User Interface project called “Looking Glass“.


Looking Glass is the project to develop the next version of Solaris desktop some time down the road. Since Apple is releasing these features first, you know who is copying who.

Just by looking at the latest version of Mac OS X you can see the desktop User Interface to come, and it just may arrive sooner than you think if you’re fortunate enough to be using a Macintosh.

You can check out all the other features at Apple’s Preview site.

Video Conference

Has video conferencing or Video Chat arrive at the desktop of the average home computer user?

I cannot say that I am a typical home computer user, since I enjoy technology and do my best to stay up to date with them.

Below is a picture of me (in my apartment in Hong Kong) talking to my friend (Mark) at his office in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, using Apple’s iChatAV and our Firewire iSight webcams.

iChat Screen Shot

This scene is becoming common among Mac users since Apple’s introduction of iSight and iChatAV. Now Apple’s latest version of iChatAv also allows Mac users (with .Mac accounts) to video chat with AOL users too.