A Conflict Without George?

…. or is that really true?

As many of you may already know, there had been fierce fighting along the borders of Israel and Lebanon this week. The fighting is between the Israeli military and the Hezbollah’s military wing, Al-Muqawama al-Islamiyya.

As far as most people know, this conflict was neither started by the United States or George W. Bush.

Although any conflict in the middle east involving Israel must have the backing of the United States of America. Given that Israel is one of the only ally in the region dominated by Islamic countries.

The latest conflict was instigated by Hezbollah in their operation “Operation Truthful Promise”, with Israel retaliating with “Operation Just Reward” or later named “Operation Change of Direction”.


This is definitely not something that Israel needs, especially when they already had an active conflict with Hamas in Palestine.

Will the USA get involve? Will they come to the support of their middle east friend and alley being pushed around by its neighbours? Given the importance of middle east to the US foreign policies and domestic stability. I would not be surprise if US carriers are entering the strait of Hormuz or the Mediterranean sea.

I just hope these conflicts will be settled soon and everyone concern can resume the peace process that was already started in the middle east. It is beneficial to all countries to have a stable middle east.

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