Another Landmark Giving Way


On November 12, 2006 Hong Kong will loose another landmark since 1957, the Central Star Ferry Pier in the Central district.

Today I found many many people taking photos in and around the pier. Most of these people are local Hong Kong residence. I wonder how many of them take the Star Ferry regularly. I personally take it at least once a week and sometimes more often, depending on where I am and where I need to get to on the other side of Victoria harbour. I find the Star Ferry ride relaxing and consider it a break from the hustling and bustling life of Hong Kong.

I really do not understand why the Hong Kong SAR government keep wiping away history of Hong Kong and pretend things never happened. I will save my detailed opinions on the subject for a later article.

For most cities who have less history than Hong Kong, they would try their hardest to preserve those buildings/landmarks with historically significants and would make them an integral part of the community even after the facilities have been decommissioned.

I wish government of HKSAR will take a lesson from these other cities before all of Hong Kong’s historic landmarks are things of the past and can only be found in photos.