Do You Want a Google Wave Account?

Google Wave LogoIf you have not heard of Google Wave you will want to go to Google’s About Google Wave web page to learn all about it. Please be aware that Google Wave is still in “public preview” (aka. alpha) product status, so the features are still evolving and infrastructure being improved.

Ever since I received my second batch of Google Wave “invites” and announced it on Twitter, I had been bombarded by spammers asking for invites. The last thing I want is to become part of the reason these spammers gain access to Google Wave.

What I have decided to do is take note of what one of my online friend, @Daynah, had done, mimicing her techniques in trying to screen out these spammers. I encourage anyone who have Google Wave invites to give out to do something similar.

It is very unfortunate that we have to ask potential Wave users to go through these troubles, but I hope everyone understand that we’re just trying to keep Google Wave spammer free.

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