Innovative Products for Seniors

A Hong Kong based design and innovative firm that creates products specifically for the seniors and anyone who is physically challenged.

It is great to find innovative and originally designed products from Hong Kong. The parent company of this product line, Daka Research Inc., fully demonstrates that great products and innovative solutions can come from Hong Kong.

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Dissolving dress


A dress made out of materials invented by a British designer and chemist, which slowly melts as the person wears it. It brings new meaning to the phase, “you must have here home by midnight”.

I think we should all be more aware of the environmental affects of the activities from our daily lives. Our society has grown to be a disposable one, especially for the non-develop nations.I can imagine great practical use for this new material, especially for the less environmentally aware consumers. But using it to make a dress is a bit too artsy.

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Do You See Double?

A senior Japanese researcher at ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communication Laboratories outside Kyoto, has created a machine in his own image. A perfect thing for times when you need to go see a chic flick with your wife or girlfriend. Of course this also applies for the women who have to suffer through the ball games or action movies.

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Ever wonder what the world would be like without inventors who created products for our every day problems?

For example, take the lids on disposable soft drink cups. I remember the days when I ordered a soft drink from a fast food restaurant, they would mark the lids of the cups with either a “D” or “R” for “Diet” and “Root Beer” respectively. Now they just push down on the little plastic bubble on the lid to indicate the kind of soft drink inside.

How about the bendable straws? Before this invention, patients in hospitals would frequently spill their drinks while drinking in bed. Now with the bendable straw this is no longer a problem.

These are all simple solutions to problems. I believe the best solutions are the ones that are simple, and the best candidates for innovative solutions are those everyday problems that people constantly take for granted.

So, if you’re a closet inventor, pay attention to those every day things you take for granted. Some of them may turn into great inventions.