Tunnel Syndrome

The phenomenon that seems to only occur in Hong Kong with majority of “private” vehicle drivers.

I would be driving along on a HK highway and the car in front would most often be speeding. This would only be the case up until he/she enters a tunnel. All of a sudden this driver would slow to just or well below the posted speed limit. Then as soon as he/she exits the tunnel, this driver would speed above the posted limit again; in some case well above the limit.

What’s up!!

Police Syndrome

Driving habits of people in HK change dramatically when a police vehicle cruises by.

All it takes is a police motorcycle to be cruising near by, and the traffic will slow to at least 10 km below the posted speed limit.

Are people in HK too paranoid? Do they always think that they are doing something wrong?

Get a move on!!

Rubber Neckers

For those of you who do not know what “Rubber Neckers” are; which I only recently found out that not everyone is familiar with this term.

DEF: “Rubber Necker” – a person who interrupts what they are doing just look at what is happening to someone else. The orher incident or event usually has nothing to do with the Rubber Necker, but due to curiosity these Rubber Neckers have to interrupt (sometimes stops) what they are doing to look at the other event.

The best examples are the individuals who slow their car down to a crawl just because there is a police car stopped on the side of the highway with another private car. If you think these people are bad, what about those who slow their cars down on the highway to look at an incident on the far side of the incoming traffic.

I have spoken to many people (friends) about the concept of “Rubber Neckers” and none of them say they are one. Although, I see them in every city that I go.