Why Does Women Wear High Heels?

In recent years I have noticed the high heels that women wear are getting higher and higher. From the typical 2 inches to the whooping 4+ inches. This trend is happening on the streets of Hong Kong and in the retail stores. With the heights in the stores going even higher.

I do not have any problems with women wearing high heels. I personally feel that majority of women looks good in high heels. Of course there are exceptions.

I the the shoes designers should remember why high heels were invented. In the 1500s it was designed for ridding shoes so that the wearer’s feet will not slip forward when riding. During the 18th century it was used to lift women off the muddy grounds of the streets London, and to accentuate the legs of women to make them look more slim and elegant. It is not for the purposes of adding height to the wearer.

Keeping in mind of the original intention of the invention. There is a very specific range of heights where the average wearer’s legs will look good. Any higher it will not only make the wearer uncomfortable but also cause the leg to deform to compensate for the angle in which the wearer is placed by the angle of the shoes.

Not to mention all the physical harm one will suffer from wearing very high heels for extended amount of time.

So I call on shoe designers and retail buyers, to lower the heights of the shoes back down to the 2 and 2.5 inches range.

I also call on women to put pressure on the shoe designers and retail buyers by stop buying high heels above 2.5 inches for your own sake.