Developments of Hybrid

Recently I notice both Toyota and its Lexus brand have made hybrids. These are not the typical hippie boring family car, but the Highlander and Camry models for Toyota and GS and RX models for Lexus. Honda did not stand still either, they have hybrid models of their Civic models. There are other American manufactures who also produces hybrid models. Luxury manufactures like: Mercedes and Porsche also have respective hybrid models at a even higher premium.

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First Car to be Made in Hong Kong

MyCar Yellow

This is a joint venture between Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s School of Design, InnoVech and the world famous designer Giugiaro of Italy have designed a “car”. Or to be exact a motorcycle with 4 wheels and a hard shell.

It is targeted at youngsters between the age of 14 – 18 and may be driven without the normal vehicle license. At the moment the target geographic launch will be Europe.

InnoVech is responsible for the manufacture of this vehicle and is considering building a new factory in Hong Kong to perform the final assembly and quality control of the vehicle.

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