Apple Hong Kong’s Chinese New Year ’11 One Day Deal

In the past Apple online store had held one day sales event for “Black Friday” (aka “Boxing Day”, the day after Christmas). Usually any other times Apple products are rarely discounted; unless it is through the Corporate or Education sites or refurbished items.

So it is a bit surprising to receive a Sale event announcement from Apple Hong Kong this morning. Let along a one day sale event from Apple HK. The email announcement detailed their first ever Chinese New Year 2011 one day sale event to be held on Friday, January 14th in their online store.

There are currently no additional details about the deals, discounts or products included in the one-day-sale event. Visiting the page on Apple HK online store right now, one will see a message asking visitors to return on Friday for details.

Auspicious First Day of Work for 2008

I am not the superstitious type, but if someone informs me I will be conscientious of it. Today someone sent me the following chart.

Chart of Auspicious First Day of Work 2008

It shows the most auspicious day to start the first work day for the new Lunar New Year 2008 (Year of the Rat).Note that you must first figure out which Chinese zodiac sign you are.