Movie Review: No Strings Attached


My Rating: 3Stars

This evening I saw the movie No Strings Attached at AMC Cinemas, Admiralty, Hong Kong. One of the movies from my Must See Movies list.

It is a romantic comedy staring Natalie Portman (Emma) and Ashton Kutcher (Adam), playing two life long friends who have sex one morning. In an effort to protect their friendship, they decide to make a pack to keep their relationship as “no strings attached” (aka. friends with benefits). The movie has made popular a quote among the social networks.

What I need is someone who’s going to be in my bed in 2 a.m. who I don’t have to lie to or eat breakfast with… Use each other for sex at all hours of the day and night, nothing else.

Portman definitely carries this movie where the rest of the actors done an okay job of supporting her. Even though Kutcher has an equal billing for this movie, his role is nothing special. It’s similar and at times identical to all other roles he played in the past: Killers, Valentine’s Day and What Happens in Vegas.

On the other hand I have enjoyed Portman’s performances since her role as Mathilda in Luc Besson’s The Professional, then as Queen Amidala in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace and Evey in V for Vendetta.

This a fun entertaining movie to watch with your love one. It is definitely a good option if there’s nothing else to choose from at the theater.

Rating Legend:
5Stars Not to be missed
4Stars Wait for the DVD
3Stars Buy from iTunes Store
2Stars Rent it on iTunes
1Stars Waste your time elsewhere

Kutcher Ding-Donged Turner

After beating CNN (Ted Turner) to the 1 million follower mark on Twitter, Ashton Kutcher; or @aplusk as he is known on Twitter, this evening (US CST) pulled a guerilla marketing stunt in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, during a massive Tweetup in front of the CNN building.

Kutcher and his wife, Demi Moore @MrsKutcher, tweeted about the event and brought over 2000+ viewers to the live stream on

Has this stunt achieve anything? Publicity for Ashton Kutcher? Publicity for Kutcher’s company Katalyst Films? Kutcher once explained the meaning of his handle “aplusk”, as “A+” is the highest rating at Katalyst. Did this bring any attention to Malaria Foundation International? Often the true intentions of guerilla marketing is hard to pin point. Sometimes it will have unexpected consequences and results.

Guerilla marketing is not a new concept but execution by celebrities like Kutcher is. Will more celebs adopt this approach? We will need more understanding law enforcements for that to happen.