Shop FAQ

Please scroll down the page to find the answer(s) to the question(s) you may have. I had ordered them in reverse order with the most frequent and recent questions at the top. If after look at these FAQ you still have questions, please feel free to contact us via email.

Q. Why didn’t I receive any correspondence after my purchase and PayPal payment?

A. Many email providers and ISP often have incorrect SPAM filtering. Therefore you must ensure that our email addresses:

  • shop [at] vinko [dot] com
  • pay [at] vinko [dot] com

are in your list of approved senders to your email account.

Please note that to avoid email scraping we have replaced the “@” symbol above with “[at]” and the “.” with “[dot]”. Please make the correct substitution before entering our email addresses.

Q.How do I install the Capdase® case that I purchased?

A.The manufacture (Capdase®) has developed some videos to demonstrate the installation of some of their products. Please see our “How To” page for these videos.

Q. Why is the “Next Shipment Date” in my “Shipping Address & Order Confirmation” email different from that of the “Order Status” email?

A. In the “Shipping Address Confirmation” email we are setting a deadline for our customers to get back to us for any updates or changes to their Shipping Addresses and orders. This date is short enough to allow us to complete processing their orders within 24 hours from the time the orders are received, but long enough to account for the time differences between our countries.

The “Schedule Shipment Date” shown in the “Order Status” email is the latest date on which we may ship the order in question, this is normally 24 hours later than when we actually ship the said order. The reason for the extra 24 hours is to allow for any unexpected problems that may arise during the processing of the said order.

Q. Why do I have a Shipment Date for my order that is so far out?

A. This may be due to the fact that there is a public holiday in Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Post Office is closed.

Although there may be a public holiday, we will continue to process all orders received at our normal speedy manner. We will also respond to all enquiries as quickly as we can.

Hong Kong Public Holidays in 2006/2007, where the Hong Kong Post Office will be closed, and will prevent us from shipping your orders out: (All dates are HK local time which is GMT+08:00 or UTC+08:00 or Zulu+08:00)

  • 2009.01.26 – Lunar New Year’s Day
  • 2009.01.27 – The second day of the Lunar New Year
  • 2009.01.28 – The third day of the Lunar New Year
  • 2009.04.04 – Ching Ming Festival
  • 2009.04.10 – Good Friday
  • 2009.04.11 – The day following Good Friday
  • 2009.04.13 – Easter Monday
  • 2009.05.01 – Labour Day
  • 2009.05.02 – Buddha’s Birthday
  • 2009.05.28 – Tuen Ng Festival
  • 2009.07.01 – Hong Kong SAR Establishment Day
  • 2009.10.01 – (China) National Day
  • 2009.10.03 – Chung Yeung Festival
  • 2009.12.25 – Christmas Day
  • 2009.12.26 – Boxing Day
  • 2010.01.01 – New Year’s Day

Aside from these public holidays in Hong Kong, our office may be closed during “short breaks” we will take. We will post the dates of these “short breaks”, through out this web site, well ahead of time to inform our customers.

Q. I paid for my purchase on eBay immediately, but why didn’t I receive a Feedback comment or score from you?

A. We normally do not leave feedback comments or scores on eBay until the transaction is closed.

This is normally indicated by the customers receiving their orders. In the past customers would let us know by leaving us Feedback comments and scores on eBay. Of course we will reciprocate.

BTW: if for whatever reasons you were going to leave us a negative feedback comment or score, may we ask that you allow us to address your issues and concerns prior to leaving a permanent feedback on eBay?

Q. What will be the shipping method for my order?

A. All Shipping & Handling charges quoted are for our regular shipping method, which is via Hong Kong Post’s Registered Air Mail.

Even quicker method of shipment is available upon request. The next faster shipping method is Hong Kong Post’s EMS (Express International Delivery) service, whose rate can only be quoted upon knowing the recipient’s final shipping address and the item(s) ordered.

Q. I live in the UK and my “Shipment Notification” email indicated that my order was sent in March 2005, why have I not yet receive the shipment?

A. According to Royal Post (the article “Chemical Spillage Delays Mail” posted on their web site) there was a chemical spillage at the Royal Post National Distribution Centre on the evening of March 22, 2005, local time.

This accident had affected all shipments in and out of the UK that was received during or shortly before that time.

This includes incoming shipments received earlier and then routed to UK Customs for processing.

Q. What do I do if I never received my “Shipment Notification” email?

A. As you can see from the below Q&A the “Shipment Notification” email sent by our system is very important to you.

Not only does it contain the Hong Kong Post Registered Air Mail Reference Number for your shipment and the date (in HK local time) on which your shipment was sent out, it also contains the information you will need to initiate a “Detailed Trace” of your shipment with Hong Kong Post if necessary.

Please check your SPAM filter folder/inbox for this important email, because it may have mistakenly filtered by your SPAM handling agent.

If you still cannot locate your “Shipment Notification” email, all you need to do is send us an email to request a resend of your Shipment Notification email. Please remember to provide the Reference Number that was included in all our previous email correspondence with you during the processing of your order.

Q. Where can I find my Tracking Number?

A. Tracking Numbers were sent by our system automatically with all “Shipment Notification” emails to the customer usually on the day that the shipment was sent and after our system had been update.

This Tracking Number is normally the Hong Kong Post’s Registered Air Mail Number, in the format “RR#########HK”, where a 9 digits (“#########”) numeric number is in between the letter pairs “RR” and “HK”. Starting in February, the letter pair “RR” had been replaced with “RA” (ie. RA123456789HK).

If you had paid for Shipping Insurance your Tracking Number will begin with the letters “VV”.

If you had paid for Hong Kong Post’s EMS (Expressed International Deliver) service, then the first letter pair will be “EE” (ie. EE123456789HK)

Q. What sort of communication should I expect when ordering from you?

A. All customers will receive Status emails from our system through out the processing of their orders.

These include the following emails for each order placed:

  • “Payment Acknowledgment”
  • “Shipping Address & Order Confirmation”
  • “Order Status”
  • “Shipment Notification”

Also at any time, with the your “Order Reference” number (as quoted in our emails to you), you can use our Order Status page to check the status of your order.

Q. How do I verify that the shipment had indeed been sent?

A. Take the Tracking Number that was sent to you in our “Shipment Notification” email by our system.

You then go to Hong Kong Post’s web page to perform a Preliminary Trace of your shipment, then follow the on screen instructions.

For shipments that was sent via Hong Kong Post’s EMS (Expressed International Deliver) service, Hong Kong Post will provide details of the location of your shipment outside of Hong Kong, that is only if the recipient’s Postal Service can provide this information.

Q. How do I interpret the results of the Trace on Hong Kong Post’s web page?

A. In the results of one of Hong Kong Post’s Preliminary Trace you will see a message similar to “The item (RA123456789HK) left Hong Kong for its destination on 10-Jan-2005.”.

The message above means that the shipment in question had left the hands of Hong Kong Post for the destination Postal Service (ie. Royal Post, USPS, Australian Post, Canada Post, etc.)

Depending on the Postal Service, details of the shipment after this point may not appear on the respective Postal Service Agency’s web site until after it had been cleared by local Customs. Like any other government agencies this process of getting through customs clearance may not be too quick; depending on the destination country of the shipment.

Unfortunately, the results found on Hong Kong’s Preliminary Trace results page is the extent of the details that Hong Kong Post make available via their web site for non-EMS shipments. If a more detailed trace of your shipment is necessary then you will need to complete the Hong Kong Post’s “online inquiry form” as referenced in the Preliminary Trace results page.

All the information you will need to complete the Hong Kong Post “online inquiry form” was provided in our “Shipment Notification” email sent to you.

Q. What do I do if my shipment had been lost?

A. If after completing Hong Kong Post’s “online enquiry form” to request a detailed trace of your shipment, and found that your shipment had indeed been lost. We can assist you in filing a claim with Hong Kong Post, but the full value paid will not be recoverable.

As clearly stated in our Listings:

All goods sent via Hong Kong Post by the seller, are always carefully packed. However, the seller assumes no liability for the late delivery or for goods missing or damaged while in transit. If such an event should happen, the seller will assist the buyer to track the mail/ parcel or seek any possible compensation. If you bid on/buy this item, it will be accepted that you have read, understood and agree to these terms.

If there was a Hong Kong Post Tracking Number provided, then aside from Hong Kong Post’s web site to verify that we had shipped your order, we can also provide facsimile of the actual receipt of your shipment upon request.